A High-Value Target is an Act II side quest in Torchlight II, assigned by Malik Vosh in Zeryphesh.

The goal is to rescue Commander Muzaffar from an Ezrohir encampment outside the city. Once freed, Muzzafar may offer you another side quest, Tower of the Moon.

Offer Text Edit

Greetings, my friend! Welcome to Zeryphesh! I am Malik Vosh. I speak for the Zeraphi.

As you know, the Ezrohir are preparing to assault our city. Our military leader, Commander Muzaffar, has apparently been captured by the Ezrohir, out in the Ossean Wastes. They'll have sent for inquisitors to take their prisoners back to their stronghold. Once they get him to Riftkeep, they'll identify him quickly enough, and then they'll interrogate him until they know everything about our defenses.

I believe you're going out to the Ossean Wastes. Please, rescure Muzaffar. We need him.

Rewards Edit

Gold: 65     XP: 1350     Fame: 0     Item: Yes

Followup Text Edit

When we last heard from Muzaffar, he was surveying potential battle sites in the Ossean Wastes. We believe that we can minimize the damage to the city if we take the fight to the Ezrohir ... but, without a suitable battlefield, we stand a better chance of surviving if we face them here. We cannot make a final decision, though, until we hear from Muzaffar.

Quest Display Edit

Locate Muzaffar in the Ossean Wastes and free him from his Ezrohir captors.

Completed Text Edit

My thanks, human! From what these Ezrohir scum said, their torturers were on their way, and I had precious little hope of holding out against their methods... let alone escaping.

I need to remain here, to ensure that these other captives make it safely back to Zeryphesh, but I have further need of you if you have the time.

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