Capa est

Part of the Argonaut set


Argonaut Helm Level 22
Set Item: Unique Helmet

14 Icon physicalArmor Physical Armor

Icon socket Empty Socket

30% increase in the amount of gold found
+5% to Poison Damage

Set: Argonaut
2 pieces: 4% faster movement speed
3 pieces: 2% increase in the amount of experience gained
4 pieces: 6% increase in the amount of gold found
5 pieces: 10% chance to Freeze for 5 seconds
6 pieces: All Damage Taken is reduced by 5%
7 pieces: +10% to Physical Armor
8 pieces: +10% Critical Hit Chance
9 pieces: 12% increase in magic-finding Luck

Requires Level 17
Dexterity 55 & Focus 27

The Commodore wore this helm in every battle.

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