Blackfang Blud icon
Blackfang Blud 01

Before Augmentation

Blackfang Blud 02

After Augmentation

Blackfang Blud model

In-game model

Blackfang BludgeonLevel 50
Unique Greathammer (two-handed)
489 Damage per Second
Very Slow Attack Speed (1.44 seconds)
Physical Damage: 234-469
Electric Damage: 235-469
Icon socket Empty Socket

+15% to Electric Damage
Conveys 90% Interrupt chance
Conveys 25% chance to Stun target for 2 seconds

Augmented Weapon:

Kill 20 Spiders to Upgrade (0/20 killed)

Requires Level 56
Strength 102 & Vitality 57

A relic from the Arachnos War. The
spiders remember it well.

(New Abilities after Augmentation)

+49 Physical Damage
5% chance to cast Scalding Geyser from target
Conveys 5% chance to Poison for 5 seconds

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