Boletus Rex is a Mycon boss resembling part-Fungal Vent and part-Mycon Brute in Fungal Caves.It first appears in its Fungal Vent form. Destroying the Fungal Vent will cause Boletus Rex to emerge by uprooting itself from the ground.It must be defeated to get the item Blue Boletus Flesh required for the quest The Blue Boletus.


It uses FungusBruteMelee1,Fungus_Spours,Fungus_Yell Fungus_Melee_Wave3 and Fungus_Melee_Poison_Pool in combat.


The Eye of Boletus Rex:Unique Socketable,he has 15% chance to drop it.

Blue Boletus Flesh:Quest Item,he will drop it in the quest The Blue Boletus.

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