Bring Out Your Dead is Act I side quest assigned by the Shady Character in the Skull Hollow section Temple Steppes. Open the Casket nearby and kill the skeletons to get a shade to open the gate to Bone Gallery. Inside, beat Mordrox and retrieve Rosamortis for the Shady Character.

Offer Text Edit

I got a proposition for you...a little "I scratch my back, you scratch yours" kind of thing. See this crypt over here? It's called the Bone Gallery, and there's a little thing in there called the Rosamortis ... which, while pretty valuable, is also guarded by the biggest undead monstrosity I've ever seen!
You'll have to convince the Estherian spirits to unlock the Ghost Chains and give you access, then get the Rosamortis away from that monster ... but I promise to make it worth your while!

Rewards Edit

Gold: 464     XP: 0     Fame: 990     Item: Yes

Followup Text Edit

The Rosamortis is apparently a handy little thingamajig that can save the life of someone who's been mortally wounded. Obviously, this sort of thing would be very valuable to someone whose homeland were being invaded by, for example, bear-people ... But, as much as the Rosamortis is worth, it doesn't do me any good if I can't get inside the Sepulcher of Sorrows to retrieve it!
The Vanquishers' commander told me about this thing, like I could just stroll out here and pick it up. But she didn't tell me the gate was locked with chains only a ghost can open! And, of course, while I wasted precious time trying to find another way in, the Sturmbeorn showed up and cut off my way out.

Quest Display Edit

Rouse the Estherian Spirits, and enter the Bone Gallery in the Temple Steppes. Retrieve the Rosamortis

Quest Display (After Finding Rosamortis)Edit

Bring the Rosamortis to Selrenki, in Skull Hollow in the Temple Steppes.

Completed Text Edit

You found it? Fantastic! Here, let me just pay you for your trouble, and I'll be on my way ...

Did you know ?Edit

The name of this quest is a reference to a well known scene in Monty Pythons "Holy Grail"!

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