Brink is a former mercenary and treasure hunter who became Syl's traveling companion. They arrived in the town of Torchlight searching for Syl's missing teacher Master Alric. After the player joins up with him in the Orden Mines. Shortly thereafter, a corrupted Alric transforms Brink into the monster Brink the Corrupted, and the player is forced to kill him. However if the player already has a character that has completed the main story you may keep him as a pet so long as you never get to the boss fight, and only go through the Shadow Vault dungeon (XBLA ver.). Brink behaves like a pet and will run around randomly for a period of time if his hit points ever reach 0. Once his hitpoints have regenerated a certain amount he will again attack your enemies and behave as an aggressive pet.


Characters and monsters


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Non-player characters

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