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Cacklespit's Realm is a place were you can find the "Robotic Head" quest object, for the quest "Robot Parts", and it is found inside Sundered Battlefield.

  • How to enter Cacklespit's Realm:
    • Hang a bell (quest item) found in the Blightbogs to summon Cacklespit and complete her Cacklespit's Brew quest (optional quest).
    • After completing Cacklespit's Brew quest, you must return to the Imperial Camp to get new quest Fade's Passage? from Widget (middle raccoon near exit) to talk with Fade in Sundered Battlefield. You will get access to them after "Some Assembly Required" quest. His quest Cacklespit's Realm will have you collect four heads of fallen champions in that map.
    • Upon completing Fade's quest, he will allow you into Cacklespit's Realm.
  • Requirement: Destroy all (6) tree trunks in Cacklespit's Realm. After doing so, an area that was formerly a dead end, located in the lower right island - when approached - will open up a secret path to where the head is. (May have more than one location. For me it was the upper left island, near the Fade and portal to Cacklespit boss fight, the path was in the upper right part of the island.)

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