I Have Always Been a Wanderer. I Have Roamed These Lands For as Long as I Can Remember, But My Blades Always Lead Me Back to Conflict. When I Heard of The Evils Befalling Torchlight, I Returned From The Wilderness. Tales of Madness - Townsfolk Slain, or Missing... and A Darkness, Rising From The Deep. It Was Inevitable That I Was Drawn to This Place - My Blades Would Not Be Still. So, I Made The Long Journey. I Arrived at Sunset, and While Things at First Seemed Simple, I Did Not Know Then The Shadows I Would Face, and The Terrible Power Gathering Far Below The Surface. I Would Discover Them in Time... - Destroyer


The Destroyer

The Destroyer is one of three starting classes in Torchlight. He fulfills the powerful melee warrior archetype in the game. Destroyers' skill trees are Berserker, Titan, and Spectral.

Starting AttributesEdit

  • Health Points: 300
  • Mana Points: 20
  • Strength: 10
  • Dexterity: 4
  • Magic: 3
  • Defense: 10

In Torchlight IIEdit

In Torchlight II, the Destroyer gives the player character the first main quest after the destruction of the town of Torchlight..."[1]


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