Dominion Boots icon
Dominion Boots

Part of the Unearthly set

Item added on 1st April 2013 via patch 1.22.x.40

Dominion BootsLevel 105
Set Item: Unique Boots
102 Icon physicalArmor Physical Armor
Icon socket Empty Socket
Icon socket Empty Socket

Charge rate increased by 10%
+10% Dodge chance
+1 seconds of Burn/Shock/Freeze/Poison
6% reduction in Fumble Chance

Set: Unearthly
2 Pieces: Silence for 2 seconds
3 Pieces: -141 to All Armor per hit
4 Pieces: 2320 Physical Damage over 5 seconds
5 Pieces: +5m to Bow, Crossbow, Pistol and Wand range
6 Pieces: +20% Ranged Weapon Damage bonus
7 Pieces: 203 Health stolen on hit
8 Pieces: +18% Attack Speed
9 Pieces: 50% chance to Stun target for 2 seconds
10 Pieces: 100% chance to Poison for 5 seconds

Requires Level 101
Dexterity 364
Requires Class: Outlander

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