The set Dragonslayer Aegis is a set of 5 Unique items in Torchlight.

Unique set bonuses Edit

  • 3 items: +32 Armor
  • 4 items: +45 Armor
  • 5 items: +51 Electric Resistance
  • 5 items: +51 Fire Resistance
  • 5 items: +51 Ice Resistance
  • 5 items: +51 Poison Resistance

Set itemsEdit


Note: This set actually consists of 4 unique items. It is unknown whether the 5th item didn't make it to the game, or if this was simply a typo. The intent could have been that you'd need to wear two shields in order to gain the full benefits (which would limit your attack options significantly); in the Xbox 360 version of the game, this isn't even possible to try (the game will only allow one shield to be equipped, automatically unequipping the previous one if a second is put on). There is a SetFix V1.1 mod for the PC version that will modify the set's values to only require four items to "complete" the set and earn all its benefits.

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