Dual Wielding is a passive skill available to all three classes in Torchlight. As with all passive skills, it is contained in a different skill tree and has different level requirements based on the class being played. Dual Wielding grants damage bonuses to a character's attacks while they have a weapon equipped in each hand.

Trees and RequirementsEdit

The following table shows the trees in which Dual Wielding is included for each class, as well as the level requirements for those classes to gain each rank in the skill.

Class AlchemistDestroyerVanquisher
Skill Tree Battle Berserker Arbiter
1st Rank 15 1 5
2nd Rank 16 2 6
3rd Rank 17 3 7
4th Rank 18 4 8
5th Rank 19 5 9
6th Rank 20 6 10
7th Rank 21 7 11
8th Rank 22 8 12
9th Rank 23 9 13
10th Rank 24 10 14


Dual Wielding provides the following damage bonuses while wielding two weapons.

Rank 12345678910
Damage Bonus 6% 12% 18% 24% 30% 36% 42% 48% 54% 60%

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