Elementals are each composed of one of four elements in Torchlight - Fire, Ice, Poison and Electric. The specific element of each can be determined by the color of the energy radiating from them. Each resists their associated element.

  • Fire - Casts fireballs and fire bursts
  • Ice - Calls down ice meteors
  • Poison - Casts poison bolts
  • Electric - Casts lightning bolts and area-of-effect bursts

Elemental WispsEdit

There are also five elemental wisps primarily encountered in the Estherian Ruins.

  • Fiery Effulgence - Emits seeking explosive bolts
  • Voltaic Glimmer - Emits electric bursts
  • Frigid Mist - Channels a slowing beam
  • Venomous Spirit - Emits ricocheting poison bolts
  • Estherian Shade - Casts seeking bolts and phases away from the player
Characters and monsters


T1: AlchemistDestroyerVanquisher
T2: BerserkerEmbermageEngineerOutlander

Non-player characters

T1: SylBrinkVasmanGorenGorn and FurlHatchTrill-Bot 4000Duran the TransmuterDuros the BladeHorseUlrecGoldenrodKolosTriyaGarValeria
T2: Commander ValeElemental GuardiansFazeer ShahGrand RegentProfessor StokerSphinx

Monsters and races

AnimalBanditBasiliskBitterspriteBlood DiscipleBurrowerConstructCursed SwordDark ZealotDragonkinDwarfDwarven AutomataElementalEstherianEzrohirFelwingGargoyleGelGhostGoblinGoblin HoundLichManticoreMechanical ConstructMimicMirkaMyconNetherimPonyaPhase BeastRatlinRoachSkeletonSpectral DragonSpectreSpiderStriderSturmbeornTattered LurkerTroglodyteTrollTu'taraVarkolynWerewolfWitchYakotaurZeraphiZombie


T1: Brink the CorruptedLady AleeraLady MarishkaLady VeronaThe OverseerVilebrackenEmber ColossusKragMedeaShadeMaster AlricOrdrak

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