Enchanting is a method to enhance pieces of equipment in Torchlight I.

Goren the EnchanterEdit

The enchantment system allows players to hand Armor, Weapons, Necklaces, and Rings over to Goren, an NPC in town. You pay a small fee, and receive one of five outcomes based on percentage: random statistic addition, random statistic enhancement, sockets added, nothing happens, or item disenchantment (all statistics removed from the item). Cost of enchantment depends on the rarity of the item being enchanted. The higher the rarity, the more it will cost to enchant.

Item disenchantment always has a certain percentage of happening, identified within the enchantment window. The formula is 2% per previous successful enchantment plus 2%. Note that green and better items start with enchantments but do not count as having been enchanted before. They do, however, risk losing the bonuses that they started with.


Within the dungeons, players will also come across enchantment shrines, where players can enchant one item free of cost. The shrine carries half the normal disenchant chance as the NPC enchantment option.


It is possible to avoid disenchantments or wasted money w/ nothing happening by when getting a successful enchantment and before enchanting, exit to title which autosaves and if you get nothing or a disenchant, exit to Xbox Home through the middle button and Y, then reopen game, it went back to the last save.

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