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Enchanting is a method to enhance pieces of equipment in Torchlight II. Enchanting works quite differently from the first game.

Basic enchantingEdit

  • Each item can only hold a limited number of enchants, in addition to its original stats. Each enchanter has a maximum number of enchants they can add to any item.
    • For example, an enchanter with a maximum of 2 enchants can only add an enchant to an item that currently has fewer than 2 enchants on it.
  • There are multiple enchanter NPCs in the world. A basic enchanter appears in each town, but more powerful enchanters can be found elsewhere. Some enchanters specialize in certain types of enchants.
  • Each enchant costs gold, and the cost escalates based on item quality, enchanting NPC and the number of enchants on the item. See the Enchant Price Calculator for more details.
  • There is no chance of accidentally wiping enchants. If you wish to free up an item's enchant slots, you may pay an enchanter to remove all its existing enchants. Only added enchants can be removed; the item's original stats will not change.

Wandering enchantersEdit

  • Wandering enchanters have a random chance to appear in certain spots in the overworld or in dungeons.
  • Wandering enchanters are capable of performing powerful enchantments. According to the 1.12 patch notes, powerful enchantments have an approximately 20% chance to occur, and they are about 50% better than normal. Reportedly, only specialist enchanters have a chance to do powerful enchantments; the Master and Grand Master enchanters don't.
  • After doing business with a wandering enchanter, they will begin to walk away and will eventually disappear. It is possible to talk to them again before they leave the area. However, clicking an enchanter and placing an item in its inventory to see the price, or paying him to disenchant the item, will not make him disappear.
  • There is a way to keep the enchanter where he is even once you've done business: When the successful enchant dialogue pops up ("The enchanter performs the ancient rites on the <item> ... and adds new enchantments!") - do NOT click the green tick to close the dialogue. Instead, push the escape key and you will disengage from the enchanter while keeping the dialogue open. Once disengaged you can click the green tick to close the dialogue and the enchanter will remain with arms crossed.
  • There is a Master Enchanter with a maximum of 3 enchants and an extremely low cost to remove existing enchants.
  • There is a Grand Master Enchanter with a maximum of 4 enchants who also removes existing enchants for free. He is the only enchanter who disenchants for free.
  • On top of the following list of possible spawn locations, it should be noted that one of the maps for Crows' Pass has a 100% chance for any of these wandering enchanters to appear in one of 5 possible locations on that map. Given the small nature of the map, this makes for a relatively quick way to force the spawn of a particular enchanter by simply re-rolling the world until said version of the pass spawns and then checking which enchanter it loaded. The exact version of the pass you are looking for is one which leads up and which has several (lit) braziers at the start.

List of enchantersEdit

Name Abilities Location
Apprentice Enchanter Malo Standard
Maximum enchantments: 1
Town: Estherian Enclave (after being rescued from the Slavers' Stockade)
Rufio the Enchanter Standard
Maximum enchantments: 2
Town: Zeryphesh
Tulio the Enchanter Standard
Maximum enchantments: 2
Town: Imperial Camp
Shemp the Enchanter Standard
Maximum enchantments: 2
Town: Minehead
Greezo the Enchanter


  • +3% to Random Element Damage
  • 1% to All Damage
  • +4-6 Mana
  • +91-119 Health
  • +6-8 Random Attribute bonus
  • +29 Health/sec for every monster within 3 meters
  • +6,2 Health regen per second
  • +5% Pet and minion Health
  • +5% Pet and minion Damage
  • +12 Physical armor
  • +2% Chance to block


  • +15 Knockback

Maximum enchantments: 3

Town: The Mapworks
Garbahd the Enchanter

Enchants with unique abilities. All Items:

  • Charge rate increased by 7% (If twice, 13%)


  • Random Element Damage Taken is reduced by 4%
  • +4% Dodge chance
  • +7% Melee Weapon Damage bonus (necklace, ring, belt)
  • +7% Ranged Weapon Damage bonus (necklace, ring, belt)
  • +7% Wand and Staff Damage bonus (necklace, ring, belt)
  • -5 ~ -12 to all item character stat requirements (helmet, gloves)
  • 4.1% faster movement speed (leggings, boots) (if twice, 8.3%)


  • Conveys (item level based and random) Element Damage over 8 seconds
  • +31-32% Damage to secondary targets (melee except claw, staff)
  • 7% Damage bonus when dual-wielding (one handed)
  • 8% reduction in Fumble Chance
  • 3% chance to cast Call Forth the Skull on kill
  • Conveys 6.1%~6.3% chance to immobilize Target for 6 seconds (ranged except pistol, wand)
  • Charge rate increased by 7%

Maximum enchantments: 2 (Enchantments are always 'powerful'.)

Elemental Oasis Floor 2, after defeating the elementals (Sundered Battlefield act 3)
Vaneez the Poisoner

Enchants Items With Poison

  • Poison Armor
  • Poison Damage Reflected
  • +% to Poison Damage


  • Poison Damage
  • Conveys X Poison damage over 5 seconds
  • 5% chance to Poison

Maximum enchantments: 2

The Ship Graveyard in the Salt Barrens
Farquez the Assassin

Enchants Items With Poison

  • Poison Armor
  • Poison Damage Reflected
  • +% to Poison Damage
  • Poison Damage taken is reduced by X%


  • Poison Damage
  • Conveys X Poison damage over 5 seconds
  • 5% chance to Poison

Maximum enchantments: 3

Random locations Crows’ Pass Netherrealm (42-45), Mapworks Cursed Tombs (L56 - 65) - Floor 2

Weighted chance: 30[1]

Mooritz of the Desert

Enchants Items With Fire

  • Fire Armor
  • Fire Damage Reflected
  • +% Fire Damage
  • Fire Damage taken is reduced by X%


  • Fire Damage
  • Conveys X Fire damage over 5 seconds
  • 5% Chance to Burn

Maximum enchantments: 3

Random locations Floor 1 of the Bone Gallery, Floor 2 of the Forsaken Vaults, Floor 1 of Mapworks scroll at level 55-65.
Weighted chance: 30[1]

Panosh of the North

Enchants Items With Ice

  • Ice Armor
  • Ice Damage Reflected
  • +% Ice Damage
  • Ice Damage taken is reduced by X%


  • Ice Damage
  • Conveys X Ice damage over 5 seconds
  • 5% Chance to Freeze

Maximum enchantments: 3

Random locations
Weighted chance: 30[1]Crows Pass
Telsor of the Storm

Enchants Items With Electricity

  • Electric Armor
  • Electric Damage Reflected
  • +% Electric Damage


  • Electric Damage
  • Conveys X electric damage over 5 seconds
  • 5% Chance to Shock

Maximum enchantments: 3

Random locations Ruined Temple, 2nd floor  Cursed Tombs, Crows' pass
Weighted chance: 30[1]

Filip the Lucky

Enchants Items With Luck

  • X% increase in the amount of gold found
  • X% increase in the amount of experienced gained
  • X% increase in magic-finding Luck
  • X% reduction in Fumble Chance (Armor)


  • X% reduction in Fumble Chance (Weapon)
  • X% critical hit chance**
  • X% bonus to critical damage**
  • X% increase in magic-finding Luck
  • X% increase in the amount of gold found
  • X% increase in the amount of experience gained

** Filip no longer provides these enchantments. Tested as at 6 Oct 2015. [1]

Maximum enchantments: 3

Random locations
Weighted chance: 30[1]
Borris the Stout

Enchants Items With Attributes
All items:

  • X Random Attribute boost

Maximum enchantments: 3

Random locations: Tarroch's Rift in Ossean Wastes, Sundered Battlefield, The Rotted Path,  1st floor Cursed Tombs,  2nd floor The Forsaken Vault, 2nd floor Vyrak's Tower, Mapworks Infernal Necropolis (L105) - Floor 1, (Floor 2 ?), Mapworks Scroll (48-55)
Weighted chance: 30[1]

Jurick the Socketer

Adds Sockets To Items
Maximum sockets per item: 2

Random locations Fungal Caves (Middenmine) 1st floor, Plunder Cove, Frost Bitten Chasm,  1st and  2nd Floor of the Forsaken Vaults, Frostshorn Caverns 1st Floor, Rotting Crypt 1st Floor, Mapworks Scroll (48-55).

Weighted chance: 15[1]

Fondo the Master

Master Enchanter

  • 3% to Random Element Damage
  • + Random Elemental Damage
  • HP/MP Steal
  • 5% Stun
  • +10% Bonus to Critical Damage
  • +5% Chance to Execute
  • 1% to Critical Chance
  • 1%-2% All Damage
  • 1% Full Heal on Kill
  • +2% attack speed
  • +6 physical damage
  • +7 physical damage
  • +3% damage bonus when dual-wielding
  • Conveys X physical damage over 5 seconds
  • Conveys Silence for 1 second
  • -X to all armor per hit
  • +15% damage to secondary targets
  • +2% Cast Speed (Staff, ?)


  • 1% Increase in magic-finding Luck
  • 2% Increase in magic-finding Luck (Belt, ?)
  • 1-2% Increase in the amount of Gold found
  • +2-3% (Random Element) Damage
  • +4 Ice Damage
  • +3 Physical Armor
  • +3 Electric Armor
  • 2% (Random Elemental) Negation
  • 2% Damage Negation
  • +2 Dexterity Attribute Bonus
  • +2 Focus Attribute Bonus
  • + (Random Attribute bonus)
  • +3/4/X? to Mana (Gloves, Belt, ?)
  • +3% to Mana
  • +0.3 Mana recovery per second (Gloves, ?)
  • +18-50 to Health (Gloves, Belt, ?)
  • +1.8-2.2 Health recovery per second (Gloves, ?)
  • +(?) (Random Elemental) Armor
  • +(?) Physical Damage Reflected
  • ?% Summon Shadowling
  • HP/MP Recovery in Proximity (<3m)
  • 5% Stun
  • 5% Full Heal on Kill (Necklace Only)
  • 1% Full Heal on Hit by Enemy (Necklace Only)
  • +5% pet and minion Damage (Gloves, Belt, Armor, Pants)
  • +5% pet and minion Health (Gloves, Belt, Armor, Pants)
  • +2% cast speed (Gloves, Helmet, Armor)
  • +1/+2% chance to block (shield only)

Maximum enchantments: 3

Random locations, The Ancient Vault of Chaos, The Bone Gallary, The Forsaken Vaults
Weighted chance: 100[1]
Karkozi the All-Powerful

Grandmaster Enchanter
Maximum enchantments: 4
Free Disenchant

Random locations
Weighted chance: 10[1]

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  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 1.3 1.4 1.5 1.6 1.7 1.8 Weight is the relative chance for each enchanter to appear. For example, a unit with weight 100 is ten times more likely appear than a unit with weight 10. Weight data is found in the game file "/SPAWNCLASSES/ENCHANTERS_RANDOM.DAT"


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