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Explosive Shot is a Vanquisher skill in Torchlight that becomes available at Level 15.

It allows the player to fire an explosive projectile that deals area damage.

Explosive Shot
Class Skill
Fire a projectile from any equipped range weapon that detonates on impact, dealing damage to foes within (4.5-6.75) meters

Rank 1/10 Rank 6/10
Mana Cost: 7 Mana Cost: 12
Inflicts 92% of Weapon DPS Inflicts 132% of Weapon DPS
5.75 meters radius
Requires Level 15 Requires Level 21

Rank 2/10 Rank 7/10
Mana Cost: 8 Mana Cost: 13
Inflicts 100% of Weapon DPS Inflicts 140% of Weapon DPS
4.75 meters radius 6 meters radius
Requires Level 16 Requires Level 23

Rank 3/10 Rank 8/10
Mana Cost: 9 Mana Cost: 14
Inflicts 108% of Weapon DPS Inflicts 148% of Weapon DPS
5 meters radius 6.25 meters radius
Requires Level 17 Requires Level 25

Rank 4/10 Rank 9/10
Mana Cost: 10 Mana Cost: 15
Inflicts 116% of Weapon DPS Inflicts 156% of Weapon DPS
5.25 meters radius 6.5 meters radius
Requires Level 18 Requires Level 28

Rank 5/10 Rank 10/10
Mana Cost: 11 Mana Cost: 16
Inflicts 124% of Weapon DPS Inflicts 164% of Weapon DPS
5.5 meters radius 6.75 meters radius
Requires Level 19 Requires Level 31

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