The Forged Runeblade is a "Unique" type of weapon. It is a one-handed weapon so I can be duel wielded. It can be used for the Destroyer, Vanquisher, and the Alchemist.



The Forged Runeblade

Unique Sword

Forged Runeblade

347 damage per second

  • (1-Handed)
  • Physical Damage: 76-152
  • Ice Damage: 51-101
  • Average Attack Speed
  • 0/1 Sockets


  • +8 Critical Hit Chance
  • 40% Bonus to Critical Damage
  • 2% Increased Magic Find


  • Requires Level 19
  • Requires 48 Strength
  • Requires 14 Dexterity


Extra InfoEdit

Sell Price - 411 G (Gold)

  • Buy Price - (None) Is a Unique Weapon only found though enemies or chests. (Also found from Duros the Blade "Gambler" .)
  • Holdable Gems - 2
  • Sockets - 0/2

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