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Gels are round blobs of slime which inch across the ground in search of prey.

Gels come in different colors:

  • Azure Gels are common monsters. After they charge themselves up with electricity, they will release electric bursts when struck.
  • The Yellow Gel is the form your pet takes after being fed a Glooper Jelly fish. It has the same elecrical properties as an azure gel.
  • The healing Aloe Gel is a green gel that can be summoned as a minion with the spell Summon Aloe Gel.

Torchlight IIEdit

In Torchlight II, gels are categorized as Beasts.

All gels have 100% Flee resistance.

Name Image Element Abilities Location
Acid Gel Acid Gel Icon enemyPoison
  • Acid Cloud Attack
Corrupted Crypt, Bone Gallery
Ice Gel Ice Gel01 Icon enemyIce
  • Ice Spike Attack
  • Very Resistant to Ice Attacks
Widow's Veil, Icedeep Caverns
King Ice Gel KingIceGel2 Icon enemyIce
  • Ice Spike Attack
  • Very Resistant to Ice Attacks
Icedeep Caverns
Noxious Gel Noxious Gel2 Icon enemyPoison
  • Hurls Slime Balls
Rotting Crypt, Middenmine
Noxious Mass Noxious Mass1 Icon enemyPoison
  • Generates Noxious Gels
Tar Slime Tar Slime0 Icon enemyPoison
  • Hurls Sticky Tar Glolubes
Fungal Caves, Middenmine, Emberworks


Characters and monsters


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Non-player characters

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Monsters and races

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