Boss generalGnashPortrait

General Gnash health portrait.

Boss generalGnash1

General Gnash

The General Gnash encounter is interesting. Very much like his original version, the General Grell, General Gnash summons many Champions to assist him over the course of the fight.


  • Sturmbeorn General -
  • Unleashes a Barrage of Explosive Ordinance -

Champion AlliesEdit

Name Image Element Abilities
  • Beast'zur
  • Ghasshzur
  • Khuzormoreth
  • Kiviloz
Boss generalGrell beastzur1
Icon enemyPhysical
  • Raises Undead
  • Casts Corrupted Souls
  • Demoneater
  • Headdrinker
  • Headfighter
  • Khorzanik
Boss generalGnash demoneater1
Icon enemyFire
  • Champion Sturmbeorn
  • Casts Fire Spells


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