Hoska is the last surviving member of Hareph's crew, which was sent into Swarm Point to deal with increasingly aggressive Skara. He is the initial objective of the quest Shadow of the Skara in the Salt Barrens, and can be found just inside the entrance. As he is wounded, he gives the player the explosives needed to demolish the infected hives.

Ah, Hareph sent you with some explosives. Finally some good news!
Don't bother looking for the rest of the crew - I'm the only one that survived.
There's something wrong with some of the hives - they seem to be infected. You'll need to locate the rigged hives and detonate them, then descend into the Brood Hive itself and destroy any infected eggs you find. Perhaps you will discover what has been blighting the eggs!
This is a great task, but it must be done. We will all be in your debt.

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