Part of the Leone set

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Ss leonsMasterpiece1

Gameplay image of Leone's Masterpiece

Leone's Masterpiece Level 40
Set Item: Unique Shotgonne (two handed)

270 Damage per Second
Slow Attack Speed (1.10 seconds)
Physical Damage: 115-181
Fire Damage: 116-181

Icon socket Empty Socket

+20% bonus to Critical Damage
62 Health stolen on hit
Conveys 2% chance to charm target for 5 seconds
Conveys 10% chance to Burn for 5 seconds
+30 Knockback

Set: Leone
2 pieces: 6% chance to charm target for 5 seconds
3 pieces: 10% chance to charm target for 1 minute

Requires Level 46
Dexterity 104 & Focus 47

Few remember Leone's part in it. They just call it "the Gun With No Name."

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