Ss longshot1

Gameplay image of Longshot

Longshot Level 45
Unique Pistol

283 Damage per Second
Very Fast Attack Speed (.48 seconds)
Physical Damage: 63-127
Ice Damage: 27-54

Icon socket Empty Socket

+4% Critical Hit Chance
+10% chance to Execute
+10% to Poison Damage
8% Damage bonus when dual-wielding

Augmented Weapon: Kill 50 Tu'tarans to Upgrade

Requires Level 51
Dexterity 135

The Tu'tara will curse your name.


  • New Abilities after Augmentation

    -72 to All Armor per hit
    1% chance to cast Fully Heal Self on kill

While the exact accuracy of this cannot be determined, in trials purchasing a Pistol from the gambler for the (unmodified) gold amount of 5610 gave the Longshot every time. Check in with the Duros the Blade in The Imperial Camp. (This worked for the me three out of three times. Will keep trying to get a better picture.)

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