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Passive skills are skills possessed by all three character classes in Torchlight. They do not require any activation, do not expend your mana pool, and are active at all times. The only differences carried by passive skills between classes are the level requirements for each rank in the skill. The destroyer, for instance, can gain ranks in Dual Wielding before either the alchemist or the vanquisher.

Passive SkillsEdit

The following table lists all the passive skills and the level requirements for each class to obtain the first rank in them.

Class AlchemistDestroyerVanquisher
Advanced Spellcasting 20 25 25
Adventurer 10 10 10
Armor Expertise 1 5 5
Barter 20 20 20
Block and Parry 20 20 20
Charm Spell Mastery 10 10 10
Critical Strikes 5 20 5
Defensive Spell Mastery 10 10 10
Dual Wielding 15 1 5
Magic Weapons Expertise 1 10 20
Martial Weapons Expertise 5 5 15
Offensive Spell Mastery 10 10 10
Pet Mastery 5 15 15
Ranged Weapons Expertise 15 10 1
Treasure Hunter 25 25 25

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