Rapid Fire is an Outlander skill in Torchlight II.

You fire a rapid burst of projectiles that force enemies back and strip away their armor. The range is seven meters. Builds Charge. (Requires a bow, crossbow, shotgonne, or pistol)

Rank: 1

  • Mana Cost: 12 per second
  • Inflicts 25% of Weapon Damage
  • +2.6 Knockback
  • All Armour reduced by 9 for 8 seconds*


Tier I Bonus

  • Errant shots are added every other shot

Tier II Bonus

  • Range extended to 12 meters

Tier III Bonus

  • Targets are ignited for 4 seconds

*Improves with Player Level

Notes and Tactical ConsiderationsEdit

  • Due to the enemy armour reduction and knockback it employs, Rapid Fire is incredibly useful as a secondary attack, particularly against more powerful, higher damage enemies.
  • If another player is also in the game, an enemy being drawn by an Outlander and being held by the knockback of Rapid Fire is open to exploitation by slower, higher damage attack abilities from others, such as the Berzerker's Raze.
  • The knockback bonus of Rapid Fire also stacks with the knockback bonus of weapons, possibly creating an "untouchable" build (that is, a build which can knock back bosses and other strong enemies highly effectively) if combined with a high knockback weapon.
  • The use of shotgonnes with Rapid Fire is encouraged due to the short range of a shotgonne being countered by the independent range of Rapid Fire, but the damage reduction is a percentage and is dependent on the DPS of the weapon itself. Shotgonne Mastery can also boost the knockback.
  • Enemy units killed with Rapid Fire can be transformed in Shadowlings with Shadowling Ammo.

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