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Rune Vault is an Outlander skill in Torchlight II that becomes available at Level 7.

You vault swiftly backward, away from your target. This vault leaves behind a mystic sigil that damages and blinds foes in a four-meter radius.

  • Mana Cost: 10
  • Inflicts 10% of Weapon DPS
  • 50% chance of Blindness for 3 seconds


Tier I Bonus

  • Sigil radius extended to 5 meters. Blindness extended to 4 seconds. Allows use of health and mana steal abilities.

Tier II Bonus

  • Knockback added. Blindness extended to 5 seconds. Allows use of all weapon-based abilities.

Tier III Bonus

  • Radius extended to 6 meters. Blindness extended to 6 seconds. Builds Charge.

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