There are two basic types of scrolls in Torchlight II:

  • Identify Scrolls can be used directly, or by right-clicking on any unidentified item. See Identify (T2) for more details on how identification works.
  • Waypoint Portal Scrolls (formerly known as Town Portal scrolls) open up a portal. By using the portal, you can choose to teleport to any activated waypoint in the current act. In multiplayer, you can also teleport to any other player in the game.
  • VendorBoonScrool Vendor Boon Scrolls are very rarely dropped scrolls which summon Boon the Collector, a dealer of Set items scaled to the level of the area the scroll is used in. Right click to use the scroll, which is removed and Boon appears near the player. His items are more expensive than regular merchants', yet can offer Unique set items in addition to Rare. The player may use a Vendor Boon Scroll in any level area they wish, providing them access to set equipment at that level range. After closing the shop, he will disappear.
There are some areas, such as boss rooms, in which waypoint portals can not be created.
The Vendor Boon Scroll will be wasted if used a second time while Boon is summoned in the same area.

Identify and Waypoint Portal scrolls are available for purchase from general goods vendors in town. You can also order your pet to purchase those scrolls using their shopping list.

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