Summary Edit

Located in the Salt Barrens, this quest requires one to be level 31+. The questgiver, Hareph, is the target of the prerequisite "breadcrumb" quest The Missing Zeraphi, given by Jasha the Sly in Zeryphesh after defeating the Artificer and completing the Artifice of Evil main plot quest, thereby gaining access to the Empty Quarter and thus the Salt Barrens. Hareph wants you to take his explosives into Swarm Point to rescue any of his teammates you can find.

Offer Text Edit

I'm so relieved you have arrived! My crew and I journeyed to this outpost to deal with the increasingly aggressive Skara.
I remained here to fashion additional explosives while my crew investigated the stacks, but they never returned. I have been unable to leave here because of the swarming Skara.
Please take these explosives with you and journey to Swarm Point, and search for any surviving Zeraphi and help them in any way you can!

Rewards Edit

Gold: 1849 Fame: 1260

Initial Quest Goal Edit

Find and aid the missing crew.

Inside Swarm Point Edit

The last of the missing crew, Hoska, is wounded inside the entrance of Swarm Point. Talk to him to get the explosives and your next set of instructions:

Ah, Hareph sent you with some explosives. Finally some good news!
Don't bother looking for the rest of the crew - I'm the only one that survived.
There's something wrong with some of the hives - they seem to be infected. You'll need to locate the rigged hives and detonate them, then descend into the Brood Hive itself and destroy any infected eggs you find. Perhaps you will discover what has been blighting the eggs!
This is a great task, but it must be done. We will all be in your debt.

New Quest Goals Edit

Use the explosives to blow up the Infected Skara Nests.

Gaining Entrance to the Brood Hive Edit

To access the Brood Hive, first blow up the three Infected Skara Nests. After this, you get a new quest objective to be completed inside the Brood Hive.

Final Quest Goals Edit

Smash the Eggs in the Skaran Hive and destroy the corrupting influence, whatever it may be.

Inside the Brood Hive Edit

The Brood Hive contains many clutches of Eggs along the path - smash them like Urns to gain treasure inside of each. In the end of the cave there is a large clutch of Eggs - when they are smashed, the Encrusted Guardian, a huge Sand Hulk, will rise from the ground and attack you. Destroy him to complete the quest - a red portal to the Salt Barrens will open up allowing you to quickly return to Zeryphesh and speak with Hareph to claim your reward.

Quest Completion Text Edit

You have eliminated the problem! Wonderful!
If you hadn't been victorious, the blight might have spread to other hives in the barrens.
I've spoken to Jasha about your deeds, and she would like to invite you into our trading circle. You may now purchase rare items from her - at a discount, of course.
Thank you, traveler! You have done us a great service.

Final Quest Reward Edit

Gold: 100 Fame: 2700 Vendor Access: Jasha the Sly

Bonus Follow Up Quest Edit

If you destroy all the eggs, Hareph gives you a bonus quest, immediately completed, which gives your choice of three high-level (usually rank 3) random scroll spells.

Oh, and you destroyed so many eggs! Here's a bonus.

Bonus Follow Up Quest Reward Edit

XP: 1320 Fame: 1320 Choice of Random Spell Scroll

Gallery Edit

  • img - Dungeon Entrance
  • img - Questgiver
  • img - Killing three nests gets the final location.
  • img - Killing the 2nd nest...
  • img - Killing the last of three nests.
  • img - Brood Hive - Use AOE abilities.
  • img

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