Spells are special scrolls in Torchlight that any player can pick up and learn. They should not be confused with skills, which are class-specific.

Spells come in three types: Attack, Defense, and Charm, indicated by red, blue and green color coding. Most spells also come in different ranks, indicated by Roman numerals after their names. Spells sometimes have a significant cooldown period associated with them, unlike class skills.

Rare spells are more difficult to find and do not come in different ranks.


The player character has four slots for active spells. An active spell can be unlearned by holding CTRL and left-clicking the spell. This opens up the slot for another spell, but the old spell is lost.


Pets also have two spell slots. Adding and removing spells from pets works the same way as the player's spell slots. You can't control when pets cast spells, although putting your pet in Passive mode will prevent them from using spells. Some spells have longer cooldown times when used by pets.

Spell listEdit

Image Spell Description Effects School
Charm Charm Hurls an enchanted sprite that attempts to temporarily force an enemy to fight on your side. Charm
Dervish Dervish The caster whirls into action with rapidly accelerated attacks and casts for 10 seconds.
  • Faster Attack
  • Faster Cast Speed
Drainingtouch Draining Touch The caster draws life from any foes struck during the duration of the spell. Defensive
Elementaloverload Elemental Overload The caster is imbued with increased elemental damage strength. Offensive
Elementalprotection Elemental Protection The caster is buffered by increased elemental resistances.
  • Increased Fire/Ice/Electrical/Poison Resistance
Fireball Fireball Launches a slow-moving, explosive ball of flame from the caster's hand. Offensive
Frost Frost Fires three frost missiles that freeze all enemies within their blast radius Offensive
Healall Heal All Heals the caster and all allies. Defensive
Healself Heal Self Heals the caster.
  • Mana cost: 17
  • Increased Health Recovery over 4 seconds
Haste Haste The caster's movement and attack speed is increased.
  • Faster attack
  • Faster movement
Identifyspell Identify Reveals the properties of an unidentified item.
  • Rare spell
  • Requires Level 2
  • Mana cost: 6
Poisoncloud Poison Cloud Blasts a noxious cloud of poison gas around the caster.
  • Rare spell
  • Requires Level 18
Retribution Retribution The caster is possessed by a vengeful spirit, automatically striking back at all nearby attackers. Lasts for 12 seconds.
  • Damage Reflected Back on Attacker
Silence Silence Silences enemies within X meters, preventing them from using most skills. Offensive
Summonaloegel Summon Aloe Gel Summons an Aloe Gel to heal the caster and all allies.
  • Rare spell
  • Requires Level 18
Summonarchers Summon Archers Summons a pack of X non-moving Skeletal Archers to attack your foes Charm
Summonbloodskeleton Summon Blood Skeleton Summons a Blood Skeleton to attack your foes
  • Rare spell
  • Requires Level 18
  • Blood Skeletons steal life for themselves and the caster when they hit.
Summonflamingsword Summon Flaming Sword Summons an enchanted Flaming Sword to attack your foes Offensive
Summonskeleton Summon Skeleton Summons a Skeletal Warrior to attack your foes Charm
Summonzombies Summon Zombies Summons a pack of zombies that steal life for you. Charm
Townportalspell Town Portal Create a two-way magic Portal back to Town
  • Rare spell
  • Requires Level 4
Web Web Fires a sticky web missile, preventing any movement from its target.
  • Rare spell
  • Requires Level 2
  • -100% Movement Speed for 3 seconds


Bee Swarm

Sends a cloud of bees at your enemies.
  • Requires Level 2


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