Stats are the four basic attributes of your character in Torchlight II. They differ from the stats in the first game.

Each character gains 5 stat points to allocate each time they level up.


  • Increases both physical and elemental weapon damage for all weapons[1]
  • Increases damage done by critical strike. Maximum critical damage is capped at 450%.


  • Increases critical strike chance. Maximum critical strike chance is capped at 50%
  • Increases dodge chance (the chance to evade an attack). Maximum Dodge chance is capped at 75%. 
  • Increases fumble recovery (reduces the damage penalty for fumbled attacks)


  • Increases maximum mana
  • Increases all elemental damage(For example, It includes elemental weapon damage and "Inflicts x% of Weapon DPS as Electric Damage" on Ember Hammer of Engineer skill because the skills of this kind convert all physical weapon damage and elemental weapon damage into specified elemental type damage. In the same manner, you can't get any focus bonus from "Inflicts x% of Weapon DPS as Physical Damage" because it convert all weapon damage into physical type weapon damage, though you equip elemental weapon like Staff)[1]
  • Increases damage for all skills that do not inflict a percentage of weapon damage(For example, "+x-y Physical Damage*" on Sandstorm of Outlander skill is affected by focus even if tooltip doesn't explain)[1]
  • Increases execute chance (the chance of attacking with both weapons simultaneously when dual wielding similar weapons).


  • Increases maximum health
  • Increases armor
  • Increases block chance (chance to block when using shields). Maximum Block chance is 75%

Calculations Edit

Note that these were not released officially but were calculated by members of the community.

  • Strength increases critical damage by 0.04*Str. Base critical damage is 150%.
  • Dexterity increases critical strike chance by ((0.2002-0.0002*Dex)*Dex).
  • Focus increases execute chance by ((0.2002-0.0002*Focus)*Focus). Base execute chance is 9.8%.
  • Vitality increases block chance by ((0.2002-0.0002*Vit)*Vit).
  • As can be clearly seen Dexterity, Focus, and Vitality have diminishing returns as more points go into them. This means that increasing either Dexterity or Focus past a certain amount to increase critical strike or execute chance is inadvisable.


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