TYPE: Unique Helmet

Sushi Helm Icon

Sushi Helmet Icon

Sushi Helm on Destroyer

Destroyer wearing sushi helm.



  • Armor: 17


  • 20% Increased Fishing Luck
  • 2% Increased Gold Find
  • 2% Increased Magic Find
  • +3 Electrical Resistance
  • +3 Fire Resistance
  • +3 Ice Resistance
  • +3 Poison Resistance


  • Level: 6, 7


  • x3 Sushi Grade Fish Meat (minimum, extras are returned to inventory)
  • x1 Rare Pistol (Blue)
  • X1 Rare Belt (Blue)
  • x1 Rare Shield (Blue)


  • This helmet's main purpose is for fishing and nothing else, as can be inferred from its name. Wear it whenever you are trying to catch rare fish that either permanently change your pet, permanently increase one of your stats when eaten, or give you a bonus for a short period of time. It can be crafted at the transmuter.
  • DO NOT ENCHANT THE SUSHI HELM. The chance that you will lose the "increased fishing luck" effect is not worth it, especially since you should only be using this helm for fishing.


Numbers & effects may not be the same in your game (but the increased fishing luck should be there) since this game's item effects & armor are randomly generated. Anybody editing this page should add their effects/armor numbers as a range that the numbers can appear between.


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