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Sweet-Aide is one of three reward choices when completing Cacklespit's Brew quest, the other two being Inferior Boots and Even More Inferior Boots.


Apparently it shows "243,602 damage in 13.33 minutes" but in fact, once you drink it, the icon that reminds the effect is in progress reports the number "321,554 damage in 13.33 minutes." That works out to 395.5 damage per second. You can't use regular potions when the effect is active, so unless you have at least 400 hp regeneration per second (and not 300 as previously stated) or other ways to heal for the next 13.5 minutes, you will die if you drink this potion. Combining the effect of high regeneration (also less than 400) and a combination of  "Heal Self" and "Heal All" you may be able to avoid dying from drinking the potion.

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