The Death Toll01

Before Augmentation

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The Death Toll02

After Augmentation

The Death Toll model

In-game model

The Death TollLevel 95
Unique Pistol
594 Damage per Second
Fast Attack Speed (.80 seconds)
Physical Damage: 105-211
Fire Damage: 106-211
Poison Damage: 106-211
Icon socket Empty Socket

-262 to All Armor per hit
+20% Melee Weapon Damage bonus
+10% pet and minion Armor
+10% pet and minion Damage
Conveys 420 Physical Damage over 5 seconds

Augmented Weapon:
Kill 1000 Undead Creatures to Upgrade (0/1000 killed)

Requires Level 100
Dexterity 257

Only two things are sure in the world:
death and taxes.

(New Abilities after Augmentation)

8 Health stolen on hit
3 Mana stolen on hit

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