The Ember Keys is the seventh main quest, in Act I. It is assigned by Elder Valin in Crows' Pass. In the Frosted Hills, retrieve the Passkey Ember from Kidrik the Mauler in Slavers' Stockade and the Latchkey Ember from King Pogg in the Emberscratch Mines. Then use them in the Estherian Refuge to open the Watchweald Temple and start the next quest.

Previous quest: Trail of the Grand Regent
Next quest: Mission of Mercy

Offer Text Edit

I was planning to enter the Watchweald through the other portal in the old Estherian Refuge. Unfortunately the keys have been stolen. Goblin miners took one, and we believe that some slavers who recently moved into the area have the other. It takes both keys to activate the Watchweald Portal ... and it is beyond my ability to retrieve them.

Recover the Passkey Ember from the slavers, and the Latchkey Ember from the goblins. You can use them to open the Portal in the Refuge, and intercept the Regent before he infects the Guardian!

Rewards Edit

Gold: 928     XP: 2200     Fame: 0     Item: No

Followup Text Edit

From the symptoms I observed, the Grand Regent has definitely contracted the illness. He insisted on pushing on, though; the Guardian's welfare is more important. But, if this sickness is instead some form of magical corruption, then the Grand Regent is taking it directly to the Guardian!

Quest Display Edit

Collect the Passkey Ember from the Slavers' Stockade, and the Latchkey Ember from the Emberscratch Mines. Use them to open the Watchweald Portal, in the abandoned Estherian Refuge.

The story so far...
En route to the Watchweald Temple, you met Grand Regent Eldrayn's assistant, Elder Valin. Valin told you that he had become lost en route to the Watchweald ... and that the Grand Regent was beginning to exhibit symptoms of the sickness!

With the temple doors sealed, though, the only way in is through an inactive portal in the abandoned Estherian Refuge. Elder Valin told you that, to reactivate the portal, you would need to retrieve the Passkey Ember from a slavers' camp, and the Latchkey Ember from the goblin mines.

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