The Eye of Gallo is a unique gem in Torchlight II that can be obtained from a secret room in the Luminous Arena.

lvl. 33   [ req. item lvl. 25 ]    (armor) +10% Potion effectiveness      (weapon) 93 Health stolen on hit

lvl. 70   [ req. item lvl. 62 ]    (armor) +10% Potion effectiveness      (weapon) 185 Health stolen on hit    [ NG+ ]

lvl. 93   [ req. item lvl. 85 ]    (armor) +10% Potion effectiveness      (weapon) 243 Health stolen on hit    [ NG++ ]


  1. Follow the light to the end of the tunnel, where it first stops, killing all 4 champions along the way.
  2. At the end, do not use the portal. Wait 25 seconds and you should see a lever appear near the portal.
  3. Click the lever and follow the light again to a statue and 2 additional treasure chests.
  4. Click the statue between the chests and loot The Eye of Gallo.

Note: It appears this can only be obtained once per character, through both difficulty changes and world rerolls. However, you can gain an additional Eye by the same method each time you play a New Game Plus with the character. The new Eye will be higher level and grant a greater amount of life steal.

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