Standard Ring Icon
The Gann Ring
The Gann RingLevel 19
Set Item: Unique Ring

10 Icon electricArmor Electric Armor
10 Icon fireArmor Fire Armor
10 Icon iceArmor Ice Armor
10 Icon poisonArmor Poison Armor

Icon socket Empty Socket

+18 Electric Armor
+56 Health
-4 to all item character stat requirements
6% chance to reflect missiles at 50% weapon DPS
+5% to Fire Damage

Set: Lore
2 Pieces: 6% chance to reflect missiles at 50% weapon DPS
3 Pieces: 15% chance to immobilize Target for 8 seconds

Requires Level 23
Dexterity 44 & Vitality 25
Requires Class: Outlander

Eleven owners, but only worn once.

Set Item Edit

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