King of mask

The King in Masks is the boss at the end of the Vault of Souls, and is the final part of the side quest A Shattered Visage Lies.

His appearance resembles a mummy with 6 arms, with three masks floating around him. He will wear one of the masks at random, and each mask has its own set of abilities.

Red Mask (The Mask of Kings) : Fire

  • Launches several fireballs, which create a burning area on the floor

Blue Mask (The Mask of Queens) : Electricity

  • Unleashes a powerful beam of electric energy

Green Mask (The Mask of the Wazir) : Poison

  • Allows the King to summon an army of Skeletons

In addition to the masks' powers, the King can also Teleport and use Statis Beams to trap you in place. The stasis beams and Green mask are a potentially lethal combination; a paralyzed player may not be able to combat a swarm of skeletons surrounding them.

Specific DropEdit

Image Gem Armor/Trinket Enchantment Weapon Enchantment
Eye of Gallo The Eye of Jutham Kasam +15% pet and minion Damage Conveys 95 Physical Damage over 5 seconds

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