The Primitive God icon
The Snow Witch Scepter 01

Before Augmentation

The Snow Witch Scepter 02

After Augmentation

The Snow Witch ScepterLevel 46
Unique Wand
271 Damage per Second
Very Fast Attack Speed (.64 seconds)
Electric Damage: 16-18
Fire Damage: 16-18
Ice Damage: 131-148
Icon socket Empty Socket

+8% Attack Speed
+9% Cast Speed
+2% Critical Hit Chance
10% bonus to Critical Damage
+10% to Ice Damage

Augmented Weapon:

Kill 20 Spiders to Upgrade (0/20 killed)

Requires Level 52
Focus 139

After the Eight-Legged Lord died, this
weapon forced the Winter Widow to flee.

(New Abilities after Augmentation)

+45 Physical Damage
5% chance to cast Scalding Geyser from target
Conveys 5% chance to Poison for 5 seconds

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