Thunder Locus is an Embermage skill in Torchlight II. It is the level 14 active skill in the Storm tree.

An Embermage stands by while Thunder Locus zaps spiders.


You summon a concentrated thunderstorm at a target location which blasts foes within 7 meters for the duration of its existence. Thunder Locus does not build Charge.

Skill ProgressionEdit

Rank 123456789101112131415
Mana Cost 25 26 26 27 29 31 33 35 38 43 48 53 57 64 69
Summon Duration 14 16 18 20 22 24 26 28 30 32 34 36 38 40 42
Required Level 14 15 16 18 20 23 27 32 38 46 55 63 72 83 94
  • Damage scales with both ranks and player levels.
  • 10 second cooldown.

Tier BonusEdit

Tier I Bonus

Blasts two foes at once.

Tier II Bonus

Blasts three foes at once.

Tier III Bonus

Blasts four foes at once.


  • Thunder Locus is an excellent spell to place at choke points that enemies have to pass to get to you.
  • In an open area, you can place a Thunder Locus and then run around it to weaken tough enemies or crowds of enemies. If you also have Frost Phase, you can use that to slingshot from one side of the locus to the other which is safer than running around it.
  • When you must retreat, Thunder Locus is a great spell to place as you run so that some of your enemies will at least be injured/killed.
  • Ice Prison is a great way to pin an enemy down near a Thunder Locus.


Skills that will directly improve Thunder Locus:

Torchlight II skills


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Hunter Passives: Blood HungerExecutionerRampage
Tundra: Frost BreathStormclawStorm HatchetNorthern RageIce ShieldPermafrostGlacial Shatter
Tundra Passives: Cold Steel MasteryShatter StormRage Retaliation
Shadow: Shadow BurstWolf ShadeShadowbindSavage RushChain SnareBattle StandardWolfpack
Shadow Passives: Frenzy MasteryShred ArmorRed Wolf


Inferno: Magma SpearMagma MaceFirebombsBlazing PillarInfernal CollapseImmolation AuraFirestorm
Inferno Passives: Charge MasteryElemental AttunementFire Brand
Frost: Icy BlastHailstormFrost PhaseElemental BoonFrost WaveIce PrisonAstral Ally
Frost Passives: Staff MasteryFrozen FateIce Brand
Storm: Prismatic BoltShocking BurstThunder LocusArc BeamDeath's BountyShockboltsShocking Orb
Storm Passives: Prismatic RiftWand ChaosLightning Brand


Blitz: Flame HammerSeismic SlamEmber HammerOnslaughtEmber ReachStorm BurstEmberquake
Blitz Passives: Heavy LiftingSuperchargeCoup-de-Grace
Construction: Healing BotBlast CannonSpider MinesGun BotShock GrenadeFusiladeSledgebot
Construction Passives: BulwarkFire and SparkCharge Domination
Aegis: Shield BashForcefieldOverloadDynamo FieldTremorFire BashImmobilization Copter
Aegis Passives: Sword and BoardAegis of FateCharge Reconstitution


Warfare: Rapid FireRune VaultChaos BurstCursed DaggersVortex HexShattering GlaiveVenomous Hail
Warfare Passives: Long Range MasteryShotgonne MasteryAkimbo
Lore: Glaive ThrowTangling ShotGlaive SweepSandstormBramble WallBurning LeapFlaming Glaive
Lore Passives: Dodge MasteryPoison BurstShare the Wealth
Sigil: Blade PactBane BreathShadowshotRepulsion HexStone PactShadowmantleShadowling Brute
Sigil Passives: Master of the ElementsShadowling AmmoDeath Ritual

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