This article is about the transmuter in Torchlight I. For transmuting in Torchlight II, see Transmuting (T2)

Duran the Transmuter is an NPC found in Torchlight. He offers the service of magically combining up to four of your items at a time to create a new item.


Type Components Result

3 health potions


1 small potion and one scroll

1 health potion of increased quality


3 mana potions


1 small potion and one scroll

1 mana potion of increased quality
Upgrade 2 gems of the same type and quality 1 gem of the same type, higher quality
Upgrade 4 gems of the same type and quality 1 gem of the same type, 2 levels higher in quality
Exchange 4 pieces of equipment, magical (green) quality 1 gem of cracked quality
Exchange 4 pieces of equipment, rare (blue) quality 1 gem of dull quality
Exchange 4 pieces of unique equipment 1 gem of base quality
Exchange 3 rings, any quality 1 new ring of the same quality
Exchange 3 amulets, any quality 1 new amulet of the same quality
Special 3 Sushi Grade Fish Meat, 1 rare (blue) gun, 1 rare belt, 1 rare shield 1 Sushi Helm

One of the following unique items: Lefferts' Hands, Tanwanteng's Left Eye, Lefler's Right Eye, or Blank's Teeth Necklace

Strange Scroll map

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