Trolls are a class of giant, humanoid monsters in Torchlight.

Giant and slow-moving, these trolls have knock back and area-of-effect smash attacks. Weaker trolls appear in Orden Mines, while stronger trolls and their boss Krag inhabit the Molten Prison.

In Torchlight IIEdit

The trolls are much more gigantic and menacing-looking than the previous installment. A boss Troll, King Pogg, can be found in the Emberscratch Mines.

Name Image Element Abilities Location
Swamp Troll Troll 01 Icon enemyPhysical
  • Boulder Smash
  • Axe Pull
  • Leap Attack
  • Cannot be Interrupted
Blightbogs, Reeking Cellar
Rock Troll Rock Troll03 Icon enemyPhysical
  • Boulder Smash
  • Axe Pull
  • Leap Attack
  • Cannot be Interrupted


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