Wand Chaos is an Embermage passive skill that imbues wands with the ability to cause one of several random effects a percentage of the time. These effects can also happen with the Magma Spear, Magma Mace, Icy Blast and Shockbolts skills, if a wand is wielded.

Wand Chaos starts with a 8% chance to cause one of the above effects, and increases this chance by 2% with each point spent, giving a 36% chance at maximum. The effect chosen is random. These effects are:

  • Acid Rain: A green and black rainstorm is summoned over the monster
    • 100% chance to poison for 8 seconds
    • 25% poison damage per second for 8 seconds, scales with your level.
  • Blinding Cloud: A purple vortex forms around the affected enemy. It appears to cause blindness and silence.
    • 100% chance to blind for 6 seconds
    • 50% chance to silence for 6 seconds
  • Blood Wash
    • -33% movement speed for 4 seconds
    • 100% chance to silence for 4 seconds
    • 75% physical damage per second for 4 seconds, scales with your level
  • Charm
    • 100% chance to charm the monster for 30 seconds
  • Firestorm: A hail of fire falls on the affected enemy. It causes a fear effect to enemies it hits.
    • 67% chance to flee for 5 seconds
    • 30% fire damage per second for 5 seconds, scales with your level
  • Glacial Spike: Cold damage in a small AoE.
    • 100% chance to be immobilized for 4 seconds
    • 225% ice damage
  • Lightning : Similar to the berserker stormclaw skill
    • Deals 40% of your weapon DPS to the target, soak scale of 40%.
  • Meteor: Calls forth a flaming ball of fire from the sky, centered on the monster on which the effect was triggered, after 2.5 seconds. The meteor has a AOE of 3.7 meters.
    • 150 knockback for 0.5 seconds
    • 150-300% fire damage, scales with your level
  • Prismatic Rift: Similar to the skill Prismatic Rift, the enemy is teleported away and may be afflicted with an elemental effect
    • 100% chance to stun for 2 seconds
    • 15% chance (each) for freeze, burn, poison and shock for 7 seconds
    • 100% chance to be teleported 8-13 meters away
  • Raise Shadowling
    • Causes a shadowling bat minion to appear. This is similar to the Outlander's Shadowling Ammo skill, but the minion spawns on hit, rather than upon the enemy's death. The Shadowling lasts for 20 seconds.
  • Thunder: A lightning bolt strikes the affected enemy from above.
    • 100% chance to shock for 5 seconds
    • 50-200% electric damage

Damage % is based on the monster damage graph for normal difficulty, using your level instead of the monster level.

Torchlight II skills


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