Wanderlust unique armor set TL2

It is a Unique set of Torchilight 2.

Is an set restricted to the class Outlander . Unless you are using the Synergies mod.

The parts can be found randomly sale by Vendor Boon Scrolls when used in Estherian Enclave.

Or found in the game randomly killing bosses in Estherian Steppes.

That Set is average depending on their level , and have a nice look.

Need level: 16+

Is consisting of four items:

Wanderlust Armor

Wanderlust Gloves

Wanderlust Pants

Wanderlust Boots

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Set: Wanderlust 

2 pieces: +1m to Bow, Crossbow, Pistol and Wand range 

  3 pieces: +20 Knockback 

  4 pieces: +8% Attack Speed 

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wanderlust parts

JonasMarder® 20:03, September 7, 2013 (UTC)

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