Whirlpool of fate
The Whirlpool of Fate is a Legendary Greathammer in Torchlight 2. It is the third of three Legedary Greathammer in the Collection.

Whirlpool of Fate Level 99
Legendary Greathammer (two handed)
1082 Damage per Second
Very Slow Attack Speed (1.44 seconds)
Physical Damage: 514-1028
Electric Damage: 257-514
Fire Damage: 267-534
O Empty Socket
O Empty Socket
+8% Critical Hit Chance
60% bonus to Critical Damage
15% chance to cast Raise Shadowling on kill
Conveys 90% Interrupt chance
Requires Level 100
Strength 231 & Vitality 184
Legendary Greathammer Collection
Number Three of Three

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