The Witherways are a level 34-35 sand-filled cavernous dungeon (much resembling the Lair of the Manticore) in the Salt Barrens, accessible to players after completing The Djinni's Final Task and attaining the Breaking the Siege quest in Zeryphesh.

The Witherways must be traversed to reach Rift Keep, an outdoor area much like the Salt Barrens, where the Guardian of Mana is being held. The Witherways are filled with Ezrohir and Constructs, who will respawn every time you die.



  • Ezrohir Assassin
  • Ezrohir Brute
  • Ezrohir Infantry
  • Ezrohir Marksman
  • Ezrohir Pistolier
  • Ezrohir Shockwielder
  • Ezrohir Shieldbearer
  • Ezrohir Snatcher


  • Mobile Sentry
  • Mobile Spawner
  • Shock Copter
  • Shock Turret
  • Shrapnel Scarab


  • Desiccated Bowman
  • Desiccated Warrior


  • Ghoulbreaker, Champion Ezrohir Snatcher
  • Zulzanik, Champion Ezrohir Snatcher
  • Shadow-King, Champion Ezrohir Snatcher

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