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Location Info
Type Town
Level N/A
Area Mana Wastes
Adjacent Ossean Wastes
Empty Quarter
Breakables None
Inhabitants Zeraphi
Quests Many
A picture of Zeryphesh from a video of the PAX 2011 demo.
CornproneAdded by Cornprone

Zeryphesh is the main hub town of the Mana Wastes in Torchlight II, Act II. It is inhabited by the Zeraphi.

The town is connected to the Ossean Wastes, an overworld area, and to Empty Quarter, a pass which leads to the second overworld area, the Salt Barrens.



Torchlight II locations

Act I: Estherian Steppes
Town: Estherian Enclave

Temple SteppesFrosted Hills
Passes: Echo PassPath of the Honored DeadCrows' Pass
Dungeons: Corrupted CryptBone GalleryPlunder CoveWellspring TempleWidow's VeilSlavers' StockadeWhispering CaveEmberscratch MinesIcedeep CavernsNorsk LeirenWatchweald Temple

Act II: Mana Wastes
Town: Zeryphesh

Ossean WastesSalt Barrens
Passes: Empty Quarter
Dungeons: Tarroch's TombTarroch's RiftTower of the MoonShadowy CrevasseStygian AerieForsaken VaultsUndercurrentsSwarm PointBrood HiveKorari CaveLuminous ArenaHaunted QuarterWitherwaysAncient Vaults of ChaosVault of Souls

Act III: Grunnheim
Town: Imperial Camp

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Act IV
Town: Minehead

Dungeon: Broken Mines



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